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When will the new, redesigned card be available?

All existing card holders wishing to upgrade to the new GATORONE card may do so by visiting the Business Services portal.  Note:  This is not a requirement. Your current card will continue to work.

Is there a cost for the new card?

For all existing cardholders, the first card request in the portal is free. UF Online students do not qualify for a free card.

Why did UF switch to a new GATORONE card?

The new GATORONE card will have both a magnetic stripe and contactless chip technology to enable faster more secure transactions. It will also have a modern design to better reflect the university’s latest branding and logos.

Where can I use the contactless payment feature?

Contactless payment will be immediately available at UF dining, bookstore and beverage vending locations, with plans for expansion to more campus locations this year. Future plans also include upgrading door readers to offer contactless access.

Do I need to upgrade to this new card? Will my current Gator 1 Card continue to work?

You do not need a new card. Your current card will continue to work. Unless contacted by GATORONE staff, upgrading to these cards is not an immediate requirement for students, faculty and staff.

Do I need to turn in my old Gator 1 Card?

You do not need to turn in your old Gator 1 Card. However, the GATORONE card office will be happy to safely destroy your old ID for you.

If I request a new card, will I need to take a new photo?

Yes, because image size requirements are different for the new system and prior images may look distorted.  We will need a new photo for your first card request in the new system.

Do I have to submit my upgraded card request through the portal or can I come into the office?

For faster service, we highly encourage all requests to go through the portal. However, you are welcome to stop by the GATORONE office for in-person assistance.

Can I request a spouse/partner card in the Business Services portal?

Processing for spouse/partner cards will continue to be in-person only.  Click here for more detail on the process.

My current GATORONE card is linked to my Wells Fargo bank account. Will my new card link to my bank account?

The new card does not support linking to a Wells Fargo bank account.  Wells Fargo now offers optional banking convenience with your UF Debit Card, exclusively for Gators. Use it for your day-to-day financial needs on and off campus when it is linked to a Wells Fargo checking account.  For more information, click here.

Can I ride RTS with my old Gator 1 Card?

Yes, those holding the old and the new card are able to ride RTS.



What information will print on my student card?
  • Chosen Name (front of the card)
  • Legal name (back of the card)
  • “Student” designation
  • UFID
  • Issue date
Will my new card have my college/school name?

No, the new card will not contain your College/School name unless specifically requested by the department prior to card printing.

I am a UF Online or PaCE student. Am I eligible to receive the upgraded card?

Undergraduate UF Online students, including PaCE, are not required to obtain a GATORONE card.  Should you wish to purchase a GATORONE card for the first time, the cost for a first card is $10, and replacements are $15.  For all existing UF Online cardholders, you may request an upgraded card at no cost via the Business Services portal



As an employee, how do I request an upgraded card?

As a reminder, all existing cards will continue to work; you are not required to get the upgraded card.

If you are an existing cardholder and wish to upgrade to the new GATORONE card, you may do so by visiting the Business Services portal.

Employees may submit their own card request, which will then route to their department authorizer for approval; or, the authorizer may submit the request on behalf of the cardholder.

The portal link and training materials are now posted.

I don’t see a department name option when I submit my card request. What should I do?

Please contact your department authorizer.  Your authorizer can add more names to the drop-down list.

I am an authorizer. How do I access the card portal and training materials?

All authorizers have received a direct email with detailed instructions regarding the new portal.

As an authorizer, how do I request cards?

Authorizers will use the new Business Services portal for all card requests.  The portal link and training materials are posted.

Will I need the upgraded card for door access?

You will not need immediately need an upgraded card for door access. Your current card will continue to work. You will be contacted by GATORONE staff if/when you need to get a new card for door access.

What information will print on my employee card?
  • Chosen Name (front of the card)
  • Legal name (back of the card)
  • Credentials
  • “Faculty” or “Staff” designation, i.e. primary affiliation
  • Department name (optional based on authorizer’s request)
Can I request my title to be printed on the card?

Titles will no longer be printed on employee cards. Please contact the GATORONE for other options, such as name tags/badges that can be worn by employees.

What payment methods can I use to pay for a card?

The first card request in the portal is free.   For any subsequent ID cards and/or card items, the following payment options can be selected:

  1. Charge my department – This will bill to your chartfield. It has to be setup by your financial contact and will be billed via journal entry.
  2. Pay online – The cardholder will receive an email with payment instructions after authorizer approves the card.
  3. Pay at pick up – An employee may pay with cash, debit card, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover Card when picking up the printed card.

For any additional questions, please email