Greek Specific Plans

Change It Later, Alligator!

Sign up for a Meal Membership NOW to enjoy dining through move-in and recruitment, then keep your plan, or change to a Greek-specific plan after recruitment!

9/22/22:  The change period for Greek meal plan is over.  But do not worry, if you rush/pledge later in the semester and would like to change your meal plan, email  Include your UFID, your meal plan choice, and paperwork showing your affiliation with the Greek organization, i.e. bid, invitation, welcome email, invoice, etc.


Welcome to Greek Life at UF!

All Greek members are eligible for a campus meal plan that is accepted at all campus dining locations in addition to the meals provided through their fraternity or sorority. These plans are smaller than traditional on-campus plans because they are meant to supplement the meals provided by the organizations.

Greek students living on-campus are eligible for Greek-specific plans that are otherwise not available to campus residents.

Plan options include the following

Members Only
  • 80 Swipes + 300 Flex
  • Avg. 6 meals/week
  • +$17 Flex /week for snacking
  • $880 Price per semester
The Greek
  • 65 Swipes + 300 Flex
  • Avg. 4 meals/week
  • + Avg. $17 Flex /week for snacking
  • $775 Price per semester
Dine + Connect
  • 50 Swipes + 300 Flex
  • Avg. 3 meals/week
  • + Avg. $17 Flex /week
  • $667 Price per semester
The Social-Light
  • 30 Swipes + 300 Flex
  • Avg. 2 meals/week
  • +Avg. $17 Flex /week for snacking
  • $520 Price per semester
Greek Meal Plan Flyer

Note: Greek plans are a two-semester commitment for on-campus students but can be changed during the Spring semester grace period.


For Meal Plan questions, contact the Florida Fresh Dining team by texting (352) 618-3859,  calling (352) 392-9787, or visiting
For concerns about your account, call Business Services at (352) 392-0306 or email