A meal plan unlocks meals, coffee, snacks, and more at 50+ locations across campus.

When you purchase your meal plan, your account will automatically be activated. All Meal Plans include Meal Swipes, most include Flex Bucks, and the Unlimited Plans have Cash Exchange conveniently loaded onto your Gator 1 Card.

Two Semester Commitment: All Residential Meal Plans are two-semester commitments. Your plan will automatically be renewed and charged for the Spring Semester.

Meal Plan Swipes

Use your swipes at our dining hall locations, where you can choose as much as you want to eat and dine in with us. The dining halls are also the best place to eat if you have a food allergy or intolerance. We have a variety of stations that accommodate vegan, vegetarian, and other specialty diets.

Flex Bucks

Flex Bucks are very flexible and can be used at all of our locations. Most meal plans include a certain dollar amount of Flex Bucks per semester, so you can use your meal swipes at the dining halls and Flex Bucks at all of our national brands. They spend dollar for dollar – and you get special discounts throughout the year while using them on campus.

Key Dates

Meal Plan Begins
Meal Plan Ends
When residential halls open Last day of final exams

Cash Exchange

If you purchase an Unlimited Orange 450, the Unlimited Blue 250, or the Unlimited 5-Day 375, you also get Cash Exchange swipes that can be used at select locations on campus. You can use one of your meal swipes per day for $6.50 at these locations – giving you swipe value in retail and saving some of your Flex Bucks. If your transaction goes over $6.50, the difference will be billed to your Flex Bucks.


*Meal plan components are subject to change. Any changes will be communicated via UF email address to those students who have selected a meal plan.