General FAQs for Mobile GATOR ONE

Gators can soon access University resources through their Mobile GATORONE by simply holding their device to a campus reader. The Mobile GATORONE will allow students, faculty, and staff to use a smartphone to conveniently and safely access campus buildings, purchase food, check-in for events, use library services, and more! With the Mobile GATORONE, you can complete any action that would have previously required a physical ID card.

Who is eligible for a Mobile GATORONE?

The incoming class of first-year students will receive a Mobile GATORONE instead of a physical card during Preview. Faculty and staff will be eligible for a Mobile GATORONE as door access readers are upgraded throughout campus this summer. By the start of the fall semester, all students, faculty and staff will be eligible.

Why are we switching to mobile credentialing?
Issuing a secure mobile ID is the quickest, most efficient way to provide identification and access for our campus community – no need to carry a card nor worry about losing a card and paying a replacement fee.

This will also allow for faster transactions by placing a mobile device near a campus reader, enhancing the user experience for students, faculty and staff.

I currently have a physical GATORONE card. Can I still use it?

Yes, as we phase the mobile credential rollout on campus, existing cards will continue to work in conjunction with the Mobile GATORONE.

Note: The Mobile GATORONE is a privilege and benefit. Anyone found to be misusing their physical card or Mobile GATORONE will be subject to the applicable Code of Conduct or HR policies regarding fraud and/or misconduct.

Where can I use my Mobile GATORONE?

The Mobile GATORONE can be used at all dining locations, bookstores and beverage vending machines. In addition, we are upgrading door readers this summer for building access. Once a building has been upgraded, you can use Mobile GATORONE for access. By the start of the fall semester, Mobile GATORONE could be used for any action that would have previously required a physical ID card.

My department uses physical cards and may not be able to support the Mobile GATORONE. Who can I talk to?

If you have special use cases for a physical GATORONE ID, reach out to Business Services at for options and support. We are working to ensure a smooth experience for departments as well as students. There are various technology solutions to fit each need.

What are the hardware requirements?
  • iPhone: iPhone SE, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus or later
  • Apple Watch: Series 1 or later, and watch OS 5.2 or later
  • Android: version 6.0 or later; NFC enabled-device capable of supporting Google Wallet. Samsung Wallet coming this fall!

Please email for any questions. Please include your UFID.