Gator 1 Card

Gator 1 Card Procedures

Due to Covid-19 Pandemic, all Gator 1 Card requests for students are required to be submitted through the Gator 1 Card portal.  The issuance process for a Gator 1 Card can be expedited once an online Zoom interview has been scheduled.  In lieu of the Zoom interview, students are welcome to visit the Gator 1 Card office in person for processing to obtain their Gator 1 Card by the next business day.

In order to maintain a safe environment, photo capturing is restricted in the Gator 1 Card office at this time.  Images submitted online/electronically will be used to process Gator 1 Cards. We are located on the Mezzanine Level of the Bookstore and Welcome Center adjacent to the Reitz Union.

In order to obtain a card, official picture identification is required (Driver’s License or Passport) and UFID number is needed. The cost is $15.00 and will be charged to the student account.


Apply for your Gator 1 Card by completing the following steps:

Students may apply online by visiting
Please email the Gator 1 Card team at for other arrangements.


Faculty and Staff are to work with their department’s ID Card Authorizer to place a request for a Gator 1 Card. Please login to your Gator 1 account to authorize and follow the steps here. Please provide a photo to your department authorizer, and they will submit it with the Gator 1 Card request. The department authorizer can select where the card is sent. Either a campus PO Box or an off-campus address may be selected. Please email the Gator 1 Card team at for other arrangements.

Vendors, Spouse/Partners, and Others

Please email the Gator 1 Card team at or call 352-392-8343.

Gator 1 Card holders can:

  • Ride the Regional Transit System (RTS) bus service
  • Scan to eat at Gator Dining locations or use the Declining Balance option
  • Open and use a Campus Vending Account
  • Access campus events or athletic activities
  • Access UF Library circulation privileges
  • Defer textbook payments at the UF Bookstore
  • Turn the Gator 1 Card into a debit card if it is partnered with the Wells Fargo Every Day Checking Account
  • Transact business at the University Bursar
  • Utilize recreational facilities
  • Access authorized buildings
  • Present the Gator 1 Card as identification

Students, faculty, staff, retirees and spouses/domestic partners of UF students, faculty and staff, can purchase their Gator 1 Card for $15.00 at either of the Gator 1 Card office locations. Payment can be made with cash, check, or a credit card.



Gator 1 Card Office
UF Bookstore & Welcome Center
1900 Museum Road