Gator 1 Card

Gator 1 Card Procedures

Due to Covid-19 Pandemic, all Gator 1 Card requests for students are required to be submitted through the Distance Gator 1 Card Application Site.  The issuance process for a Gator 1 Card can be expedited once an online Zoom interview has been scheduled.  In lieu of the Zoom interview, students are welcome to visit the Gator 1 Card Office in person for processing to obtain their Gator 1 Card by the next business day. Also, Electronic Staff/Faculty Authorization submissions are required for all UF Employees, Departmental Associates, Affiliates, and visitors.

In order to maintain a safe environment, photo capturing is restricted in the Gator 1 Card office at this time.  Images submitted online/electronically will be used to process Gator 1 Cards. We are located on the Mezzanine Level of the Bookstore and Welcome Center adjacent to the Reitz Union.

In order to obtain a card, an official picture Identification is required (Driver’s License or Passport) and UFID number is needed. The cost is $15.00.


Students may submit a request for their Gator 1 Cards online at
Please email the Gator 1 Card team at for other arrangements.


Faculty and Staff are to work with their department’s ID Card Authorizer to place a request for a Gator 1 Card. Please login to your Gator 1 account to authorize and follow the steps here. Please provide a photo to your department authorizer, and they will submit it with the Gator 1 Card request. The department authorizer can select where the card is sent. Either a campus PO Box or an off-campus address may be selected. Please email the Gator 1 Card team at for other arrangements.

Vendors, Spouse/Partners, and Others

Please email the Gator 1 Card team at or call 352-392-8343.

Gator 1 Card

How do I get a lanyard or clip-on Gator 1 Card holder?
Departments are advised to identify anyone who may need to be on campus as essential to ensure they have the building access they need. Faculty and staff who need to be on campus for any reason should wear their Gator 1 Card so it is visible to ensure safety and security. Directors and AVPs may email to request lanyards and clip-on holders for their departments.

For departments that have staff currently on campus, please have employees wear their Gator 1 Card in a visible location immediately, while on campus. The lanyards and clip-ons will be delivered by campus mail.

What if there is no one from my department to receive campus mail, during the practice of social distancing, due to COVID 19?
Mail can be held at the campus postal facility located at 3030 Radio Rd. A department representative must notify mail services by telephone or e-mail to make pick up arrangements.

Contact information: Sylvia West, Postal Manager; e-mail:

If a department desires to pick up mail at the postal facility, the department representative must notify mail services by e-mail indicating the individual(s) authorized to pick up mail and a copy of their Gator 1 ID Card. The individual picking up mail must present their Gator 1 Card.

If special delivery arrangements are needed, please contact 352-392-0629.

Is this only for essential employees or do students, faculty and staff have to wear their Gator 1 Card in a visible location, while on campus?
This new procedure is to be implemented immediately across campus. Students, faculty and staff are to wear their Gator 1 Card in a visible location, while on campus.

With a valid Gator 1 Card, holders can:

  • Ride the Regional Transit System (RTS) bus service
  • Scan to eat at Gator Dining locations or use the Declining Balance option
  • Open and use a Campus Vending Account
  • Access campus events or athletic activities
  • Access UF Library circulation privileges
  • Defer textbook payments at the UF Bookstore
  • Turn the Gator 1 Card into a debit card if it is partnered with the Wells Fargo Every Day Checking Account
  • Transact business at the University Bursar
  • Utilize recreational facilities
  • Access authorized buildings
  • Present the Gator 1 Card as identification

Students, faculty, staff, retirees and spouses/domestic partners of UF students, faculty and staff, can purchase their Gator 1 Card for $15.00 at either of the Gator 1 Card office locations. Payment can be made with cash, check, or a credit card.



Gator 1 Card Office
UF Bookstore & Welcome Center
1900 Museum Road