The GATORONE is the official identification of the University of Florida. Whether you are a student, staff, faculty, retiree, spouse/domestic partner or a vendor, the GATORONE is essential for the UF community. All requests are submitted online at the myBSD portal.

All Gators are encouraged to activate their Mobile GATORONE unless their phone is not compatible or they need to access door readers that have not yet been upgraded.

New students:

  • If attending a Preview session, follow the instructions for a Mobile GATORONE sent via email from Business Services.
  • If not attending Preview, new students can request their Mobile GATORONE only after registering for classes AND within two weeks of semester start date.

Set-Up Your Mobile GATORONE


GATORONE holders can:

  • Ride the Regional Transit System (RTS) bus
  • Redeem Meal Plans, Flex, and/or Declining Balance at Florida Fresh Dining locations
  • Redeem Gator Bucks at vending machines and UF Bookstores
  • Access campus events or athletic activities
  • Receive a line of credit at the UF Bookstore
  • Utilize select recreational facilities or purchase an all-access RecSports membership.  For more information please contact UF RecSports
  • Access authorized buildings
  • Present the GATORONE as identification
  • Access UF Library circulation privileges (application is required for retired faculty or staff)



UF Bookstore & Welcome Center
1900 Museum Road
(352) 392-8343