Mail Services


Mail services is operating on a normal schedule and mail is being delivered and picked up from departments as usual.

If a department no longer requires mail delivery, mail can be held at the campus postal facility located at 3030 Radio Rd. A department representative must notify mail services by telephone or e-mail to make arrangements. Contact information:  Gene Sharp, Postal Manager; e-mail:

If a department desires to pick up mail at the postal facility, the department representative must notify mail services by e-mail indicating the individual(s) authorized to pick up mail and a copy of their GATORONE card. The individual picking up mail must present their GATORONE card.

If special delivery arrangements are needed, please contact 352-392-0629.

Delivery of USPS Mail
  • Mail Services handles all correspondences related to University business only.
  • Delivery and pick-up of mail is a free service to University departments.
  • Mail Services delivers USPS correspondences and Campus Mail based on six digit UF assigned Post Office Box Number. Mail is delivered based on the PO Box Number not the name of the recipient.
  • Mail Services delivers to UF Main Campus and Shands/Health Science Center.
Campus Mail
  • Mail services also handles campus mail, which is interdepartmental mail delivered between various departments across campus and UF locations in Gainesville. Campus mail does not require postage and there is no charge for this service to University departments.
  • Campus mail is also delivered based on a six-digit UF assigned PO Box Number.
Residence Halls
  • UF Mail Services provides delivery of mail and packages to the residence halls as a service sponsored by the Department of Housing & Residence Life. Mail is delivered daily Monday through Saturday, except on University holidays. Our dedicated associates deliver mail to the students’ assigned mail boxes and packages to the area desk in the respective commons area or at locker locations in the residence hall. Packages may be picked up from the area desk by the addressee with a picture ID. Mail addressed to a student not listed as a residence hall resident will be returned to the sender. For this reason mail should not be addressed to residents using nicknames or fictitious names.
  • When addressing mail to the residence halls, please use the standard address format to ensure delivery in a timely manner.
  • Resident Name
    Residence Hall Name Room Number – Suite Number
    Physical Street Address
    Gainesville, FL 32612
  • For example, if Albert Gator lived in Beaty East, Room 201, Suite #1, his mailing address would be……
    Albert Gator
    Beaty East 201-1
    1365 Museum Road
    Gainesville, FL 32612
Processing of Outgoing Mail
  • The outgoing mail is returned to the Mail Facility on Radio Road as part of the delivery process. The mail is separated and classified as either presort, international or regular mail prior to metering. The amount of postage on the regular mail is determined by the size and weight of the mail piece(s). All mail that is to be processed must have a completed and signed mail slip that identifies the department, the chartfield, and the type of postage to apply (such as First Class, Priority, Express, return receipt, etc.). The actual cost of the postage is accumulated in the postage meter software and transmitted to PeopleSoft and charged to the department on a monthly basis.
  • Contact information:  Marshall Gray, Assistant Director;
  • Phone: 352-392-0629
Health Science Center
  • The U.S. Postal Services contracts with UF Mail Services to provide a contract station at the Health Science Center. This operation sells stamps, mail packages, and sells money orders to students, staff and visitors to Shands and the Health Science Center. The USPS Contract Station is open from 8 a.m. – 3 p.m., Monday – Friday. Please note that the contract station only accepts cash and checks.
International Mail
  • How to Prepare Your Outgoing International USPS Mail

    All mail sent internationally should be accompanied by a completed department mail slip and must be kept separate from all other mail. International mail that is not kept separate from mail traveling to U.S. destinations could result in having that mail be processed in the wrong classification and will most likely receive incorrect postage.

    When shipping overseas, you generally need a customs form for all international mail.* What form you need depends on the service you’re using and the declared value of your mail.

    *You do not need a customs form for either First-Class Mail International® items or Priority Mail International Flat Rate™ Envelopes if they weigh less than 16 oz, are no more than 3/4″ thick, and contain only documents.

    Complete your customs form using the USPS online tool.

    Also, be aware of any restrictions and prohibitions for the country in which you are mailing. Use this link to find the destination country’s prohibitions, restrictions, observations, required customs forms, areas served, etc.

    When addressing your mail, the last line of the address should contain only the name of the destination country spelled in English, ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, with no abbreviation. Contact Mail Services at 352-392-0629 or email: if you have any questions on how to prepare your outgoing international mail.

Bulk Mail
  • Bulk mail or Presort Mail is another method used to process mail at substantial savings to University departments. The requirements include a minimum of 200 pieces for standard mail or 500 pieces for first class of the same size and weight. Additionally, nonprofit discounts may be given to University departments. All savings are passed on to the departments. We offer mail services such as CASS certification, NCOA updating, Address standardization, Zip+4, Bar-Coding and Sorting, De-duplication, Addressing (inkjet), Tabbing, Inserting (machine and/by hand), Sealing, Metering, and Labeling. Please contact us if you have any questions about the process.
  • Contact information: Krista Mortiz, UF Print Services Manager;
  • Phone: 352-294-3343
Stamps and Mailing Supplies
  • Individual stamps or books of stamps are available for sale at both locations.
  • USPS flat rate boxes, envelopes and address labels are available to customers for free.
  • Additional mailing supplies like plain envelopes, bubble envelopes, mailing tape, etc. are available for an additional fee at the Radio Road location.
  • The Contract Station at the Health Science Center also sells money orders.
Payment Options
  • Mail Services accepts Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, debit cards, checks, and cash.
  • Health Science Center Contract Station accepts checks and cash only.
UPS Services
  • Mail Services offers UPS services at the Main Campus location on Radio Road. The cost of the service is set by UPS based on the size, weight and destination of the package. Additional information is available on the UPS website (
  • Additional information related to postage rates, etc. is available at the United States Postal Service website (
Other Services
  • Mail Services also provides Notary Public and fax services.


Mail & Document Services
3030 Radio Road
PO Box 112001