The University of Florida and its vending partners, Canteen and Pepsi, operate a variety of vending machines throughout campus.

Machine types include beverages, snacks, laundry washers and dryers, school supplies, and PPEs, including masks and hand sanitizers. These machines are located at major vending areas, academic and administrative buildings, student residence halls, and recreational facilities. Hand sanitizing stations are installed for your convenience.

A disposable mask will be sold for $1.50 for an individually wrapped mask.  Hand sanitizer will be $3.50 for a 4 oz. bottle.

Students and staff members will receive a $0.50 discount on PPE products when using their Gator 1 Card. PPE can be found at the following locations across campus:

Beaty Residence Hall / Lobby Weil Hall 1st Floor / Hallway
Broward Residence Hall / Recreation Room Norman Hall / Vending Area
Cypress Residence Hall / Lobby Florida Gym / Hallway
Continuum Residence Hall / Pool Area Fine Arts 1st Floor
Graham Residence Hall / Lobby (Serves Trusler / Simpson Residence Halls). Little Hall / Breezeway
Hume Residence Hall / Breezeway McCarty Hall / Vending Area
Jennings Residence Hall / Recreation Room Matherly Hall / 1st Floor
Keys Residence Hall / Breezeway Fifield Hall / Lobby
Lakeside Residence Hall / Lobby Frazier Roberts Hall / Lobby
Murphree Residence Hall / Vending Room (Serves Thomas / Buckman / Fletcher / Sledd Residence Halls) Psychology Building / Lobby
Rawlings Residence Hall / Recreation Room CTRB Building / 1st Floor
Springs Residence Hall / Breezeway Bruton Geer Law School / Common Area
Tolbert Residence Hall / Lobby HSC Dental 1st Floor / Vending Area
Weaver Residence Hall / Breezeway (Serves East / Riker / North Residence Halls). HSC Small Animal Hospital / Lobby
Library West / Breezeway HSC HPNP / Lobby
Turlington Hall / Breezeway HSC Pediatrics / Lobby
Walker Hall / Breezeway HSC Sun Terrace / Vending Area
Physics Building / 1st Floor HSC Vet Med Administrative / Break Room
Architecture Building / Breezeway Entomology / Break Room
Reitz Union 1st Floor / Hallway Microbiology / Break Room
Engineering Building / Lobby Davis Cancer Hospital / Lobby
McCarty Bus Stop / Breezeway Stephen C. O’Connell Center / Lobby
Genetics 3rd Floor / Common Area Counseling and Wellness Center / Lobby
Hub / Outside Awning Facilities Services / Building 700 hallway
Journalism / Breezeway HSC 1329 Building / 2nd Floor Break Room
Bookstore Welcome Center / Ground Floor Reitz Union / Food Court Level
Bookstore Welcome Center / Mezzanine Tigert Hall / Lower Level Breakroom

Depending upon the machine type and location, vending operations can be initiated by coins; paper currency; Visa, MasterCard, or American Express credit cards; or Gator 1 Cards with established vending account balances. The Gator 1 vending account can be opened in person at the Gator 1 Card office or online. This prepaid debit account is for students and staff members to use exclusively for vending machine items.

Students and staff members will receive a $0.50 cent discount on Pepsi and Canteen purchases made with a Gator 1 Card at any vending machine on campus.

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