Gator Dining Donates Dishware to Campus Organizations

Gator Dining recently purchased new plates and bowls at its two on campus dining halls, Gator Corner Dining Center and the Fresh Food Company. In its commitment to sustainability and to prolong the life of the older plates and bowls, Gator Dining donated its remaining 1,500 dishware to departments and organizations throughout campus.

As of May 2019, the departments/organizations below received either plates, bowls or both:

  • Multicultural and Diversity Affairs, Institutes of Black Culture and Hispanic-Latino Culture
  • RecSports
  • Field & Fork Pantry
  • UF School of Architecture

Currently, Gator Dining is in the process of donating these items outside of campus to the following organizations:

  • St. Francis House
  • UF Campus Kitchen Project
  • Zero Waste Gainesville / Alachua County Environmental Protection Department
  • Food Science and Human Nutrition Department
  • Peaceful Path

While students and other customers can enjoy the new plates and bowls at the dining halls, many other organizations can benefit from the donations by Gator Dining.

Published: September 23rd, 2019

Category: Dining, News