Service Fee FAQs

UF set to transition to new GATORONE system.
A new $10 annual fee will support modernization of the system.

GATORONE Service Fee

What is the GATORONE Service Fee?

The University of Florida is transitioning its outdated ID card system to a modern model.   To support the costs of the transition and to sustain future operations, the Board of Trustees approved a $10 annual fee, in accordance with Florida Statute 1009.24(14)(c) and Board of Governor’s Regulation 7.003. This fee will be assessed as $5 for each fall and spring semester.

The new one-card solution will provide better service, and modern features such as an app to load and track funds, contactless payments, and a digital IDs/mobile credentials.

Who will pay the GATORONE Service Fee?

All students enrolled in for-credit courses will pay the $5 fee at the beginning of every fall and spring semester. Dual-enrollment students, undergraduates in the UF Online program*, and continuing education students will not be assessed the fee.  These students will pay a one-time, $10 first-time card fee if they choose to have a card.

*Click here to see a list of the degrees offered through UF Online.  Graduate degrees are not offered through UF Online, but rather via distance and online learning.

How do I pay the GATORONE Service Fee?

This fee will be charged to your ONE.UF account.  For a list of payment options, click here.

Is the GATORONE Service Fee eligible for waivers?

No, the fee cannot be waived.

How much does a new GATORONE cost?

For first-time UF students, your first GATORONE will be at no cost.