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The UF Print Shop offers business card design services for UF faculty/staff and advanced degree students. To order, please log-in below and fill out any necessary information. A confirmation will be sent upon the cards’ completion, and finished business cards can be delivered on campus or picked up at the Mail and Document Services building at 3030 Radio Road Gainesville, FL 32603. Personal or non-university business cards can also be designed and printed by Mail and Document Services.

Please complete the following information as you would like it printed on your University of Florida business card. Please use your official title given to you by the University and the full name of your department, college or division.

For Staff/Faculty Cards: the title/Position/College/Unit Name block should not exceed four lines. Address block should only include the primary UF business address. Telephone/email block can include office phone, cell phone, office fax, UF email address and/or an official UF web address, but should not include personal email addresses or websites. The template below indicates reflects proper placement of information.

For Advanced Degree Candidate Cards: the card should include name, course of study, graduation year, college and department, departmental address and telephone number and campus email address. No additional information is authorized without prior approval.

IFAS staff/faculty/students should order business cards from IFAS Branding

Most orders take 2-3 business days; however, the turnaround time is subject to change depending on the size of the order.

Samples of each type of card

Advanced Degree Candidate


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