The Mobile GATORONE allows students, faculty, and staff to use their iPhone, Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy or other eligible Android phones to conveniently and safely access campus buildings, purchase food, ride the Regional Transit System (RTS), access RecSports facilities, check out materials from the library and more.

Set-Up Your Mobile GATORONE


FAQs & Set-Up

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Door Access FAQs

My mobile ID displays in my phone’s wallet, but I cannot use it to access my office/lab/building. What should I do?
  • Please allow 15-30 minutes after initial activation of the mobile ID before accessing a door.
  • Make sure you’re tapping the phone to the reader correctly. For iPhones, tap the top of the phone on the reader. For Androids, tap the screen to “wake up” the phone, then hold the back of the phone against the reader.
  • If the mobile ID activates when tapping to the reader but you are not allowed access, this means you have not been assigned access to that location.  Please reach out to your Lenel (door access) administrator for troubleshooting.  This is generally a building manager, or your supervisor/department head, or HR team should know who to contact on your behalf.
  • General FAQs

    Who is eligible for a Mobile GATORONE?

    The incoming class of first-year students will receive a Mobile GATORONE instead of a physical card during Preview. Faculty and staff will be eligible for a Mobile GATORONE as door access readers are upgraded throughout campus this summer. By the start of the fall semester, all students, faculty and staff will be eligible.

    Why are we switching to mobile credentialing?
    Issuing a secure mobile ID is the quickest, most efficient way to provide identification and access for our campus community – no need to carry a card nor worry about losing a card and paying a replacement fee.

    This will also allow for faster transactions by placing a mobile device near a campus reader, enhancing the user experience for students, faculty and staff.

    I currently have a physical GATORONE card. Can I still use it?

    Yes, as we phase the mobile credential rollout on campus, existing cards will continue to work in conjunction with the Mobile GATORONE.

    Note: The Mobile GATORONE is a privilege and benefit. Anyone found to be misusing their physical card or Mobile GATORONE will be subject to the applicable Code of Conduct or HR policies regarding fraud and/or misconduct.

    Where can I use my Mobile GATORONE?
    The Mobile GATORONE can be used to access campus buildings*, purchase food at Florida Fresh Dining locations, ride the Regional Transit System (RTS), access RecSports facilities, check out materials from the library and more.

    *We are upgrading door readers at the Health Science Center in Fall 2023. Once a building has been upgraded, you can use the Mobile GATORONE for access. 

    My department uses physical cards and may not be able to support the Mobile GATORONE. Who can I talk to?

    If you have special use cases for a physical GATORONE ID, reach out to Business Services at for options and support. We are working to ensure a smooth experience for departments as well as students. There are various technology solutions to fit each need.

    What devices are compatible with the Mobile GATORONE?
    • iPhone: IPhone SE, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus or later
    • Apple Watch: Series 1 or later, and watch OS 5.2 or later
    • Android: Version 6.0 or later; NFC-enabled device capable of supporting Google Wallet.
    • Samsung Galaxy Phone (Coming June 28!)
      The United States versions of the following eSE enabled devices with Android S or later OS*:
      Galaxy S Series – S10 or later
      Galaxy Note Series – Note10 or later
      Galaxy Z Series – All Z Flip and Fold devices
      Galaxy A Series – A53, A71 or later Galaxy Xcover-Pro2 *Note: This feature may not work on international versions of the devices and on S20 FE 5G models. You can find your device information by going to Settings > About phone > Product Name
    • Galaxy Watch – Galaxy Watch 6
    Do I need a photo to have a Mobile GATORONE on my phone?
    • Yes, a photo is required and is the first step in the application process.
    • If you are a student attending Preview, visit to upload your photo.
    • If you are an existing student or employee, visit and click on Add/Update Mobile Photo to upload your photo. 
    I do not see the option to add Mobile GATORONE to Apple Wallet / Google Wallet.
    • Verify that your phone is compatible, NFC has been enabled, and Apple Wallet / Google Wallet has been set-up. If not compatible, apply for a card online at and in the “Notes” section, please list your device model.
    How do I know my Mobile GATORONE is ready to use?

    The Mobile GATORONE is available to use as soon as it is added to the device wallet.

    How do I use my Mobile GATORONE?
    • Apple: Hold the back of your phone next to the camera lens at the reader. The screen does not need to be “awake”. If the phone asks for a passcode, ensure Express mode is enabled for GATORONE in Wallet.
    • Android: Ensure NFC is enabled in the phone’s settings. The screen must be on and “awake” while holding the back of the phone to a reader. 
    Does Mobile GATORONE work without cellular or WiFi?

    The Mobile GATORONE is stored on your device, so it is not dependent on cellular or WI-FI to function.

    Can I still use my Mobile GATORONE if my phone runs out of battery?
    • For iPhone users (iPhone 10 & up) can use their mobile credential for five hours after it dies. They can only tap, can’t be used for identification purpose .
    • Samsung Wallet users can use their mobile credential for 15 taps for 24 hours of dead battery.
    • Google Wallet users do not have dead battery features at this time.
    I have a new phone - why is my Mobile GATORONE not in my wallet?

    The Mobile GATORONE does not automatically transfer to a new device. You should always remove the Mobile GATORONE from the Transact eAccounts app on the old device before adding it to the new device. 

    I received an error message, 'Sorry, something went wrong.' What do I do?

    Your mobile credential is not active. Please include your UFID and email to verify your account settings.

    Why is my card listed as suspended?

    You deactivated your ID. Please go to the Transact eAccount app and under Card Management, reactivate your Mobile GATORONE.

    I am receiving an alert that the app is currently not available in my region. What do I do?

    Please ensure your phone region/country is set to the United States. You may want to restart your phone to ensure this setting has been updated.

    How do I deactivate my Mobile GATORONE?
    • To deactivate your Mobile GATORONE, go to and click, “Check Your eAccounts.”
    • Once you’re signed in, click on the ID Management page.
    • On the drop-down list, find the Phone selection and click, “Deactivate.”
    • Your Mobile GATORONE will deactivate immediately. Please see the video below for step-by-step instructions.

    What are the security features of my new Mobile GATORONE?

    The Mobile GATORONE has additional features to keep your identification secure. You can now easily deactivate your Mobile GATORONE if your phone has been lost or stolen.  You can also choose to require authentication whenever your Mobile GATORONE is being used.

    Please see the video below for step-by-step instructions.



    Please email for any questions and include your UFID.