Manage GATOR ONE Accounts

Click here to manage your GATORONE Account through the GATORONE Management Portal

The UF eAccounts portal lets you manage your
GATORONE accounts. With its online account management, you can add money to your accounts, view your account activity, and manage your GATORONE. If you have a meal plan, you will be able to see your meal plan activity as well.

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Declining Balance

Minimum $15 required, $500 if using Financial Aid
The Declining Balance Account is a convenient alternative to meal plan memberships. The Declining Balance Account allows students to deposit funds at any time and for any amount. This account is accepted at all dining locations. Any unused balance carries forward from semester to semester and from year to year until students graduate or leave school. At that point, a refund can be requested, subject to a $10.00 administrative fee.

Add Declining Balance: Use Credit/Debit Card

Add Declining Balance: Use Student Account/Financial Aid


Gator Bucks (Bookstore & Vending Account)

Minimum $15 required
To view your balance or add more funds or download “Transact eAccounts” from the app store. Your Bookstore Debit and/or Vending accounts have been combined into this single Gator Bucks account. These funds can now be used at any of our Bookstore locations or at snack/beverage vending machines. The funds never expire and refund requests are permitted upon separation from the University. (A $10.00 administrative fee applies.)


Manage Additional Accounts


Purchase a Meal Plan

Dining on campus isn’t one size fits all. Our Dining Meal Plans were designed with you in mind. If you are looking to enjoy a meal with friends or just a snack on the go – we’ve got a plan to fit every appetite! Meal Plans are convenient, flexible, and loaded with options. Anyone with a valid GATORONE may purchase a Meal Plan. All participants gain access to dining locations all across campus with a range of menus and offerings. All Dining Meal Plans are voluntary, providing an all-access community atmosphere that gives students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to study, socialize and maintain a healthy diet. All participants will receive value, whether they eat on campus three times a week or three times a day!



Wells Fargo

Log in to your Wells Fargo account.


UF Online/PaCE Optional Fee Package

As part of our continued commitment to provide an excellent student experience, the University of Florida offers an optional fee package that provides UF Online students access to additional student services when in the Gainesville area.


UF Library

Search for all George A. Smathers Libraries holdings and electronic resources, including books, magazines, newspapers, scholarly journals, and dissertations.

If you are graduating, transferring to another school or withdrawing from UF, you are able to obtain a refund for the remaining Gator Bucks or Declining Balance. Please email us at There is a $10 fee to receive a refund, or you can donate your remaining balance to the UF President’s Fund or UF Machen’s Fund.


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