Textbook Adoption

Procedures for Obtaining Services

Each term, information concerning required or recommended textbooks, supplies, and equipment should be listed in the University Registrar’s Textbook Adoption on-line system www.textadoption.ufl.edu. The forms should be completed and submitted prior to the deadline dates sent out each term. The information reflected on the on-line system is made available to the off-campus college stores that sell required course material. Input of textbook adoption information prior to the deadline date is necessary to provide sufficient time to process the information, buy used books from students, and place, receive, and process orders from publishers and manufacturers.

The success of the Bookstore in fulfilling its responsibilities to students and the university is dependent upon receipt of information through the Textbook Adoption program on a timely basis. Without early and accurate information on each term’s requirements, this department cannot be prepared to supply the students’ textbook requirements at the beginning of each term. Faculty can order textbooks and supplies for their classes on-line at www.textadoption.ufl.edu. The UF Bookstores Textbook Department (392-0194 ext. 128) can provide assistance or information on course adoption materials.

The Bookstore offers a Custom Publishing Program for faculty designing individual course packets for their classes. A Bookstore representative is available to personally assist faculty in preparing course packets.

The University of Florida Bookstores offers a Bookstore Line of Credit for required books and supplies for eligible UF students who have qualified for and will be receiving financial aid. This line of credit allows students to purchase essential course material when financial awards have not yet been disbursed.

To obtain information call the Bookstore at 392-0194, e-mail ufbookstore@bsd.ufl.edu or go to www.ufl.bkstr.com on the web.