Textbook Options

The University of Florida Bookstores offer for sale the following: textbooks, trade books (including paperbound), technical and reference books, study aids, general and special school supplies, personal computers, imprinted clothing and gifts, stationery items, and special services, including class ring sales, academic regalia rentals, and special order service.

Is shopping at the UF Bookstore really my best bet?

Yes!  The UF Bookstore works every angle to provide students with the prices – from partnering with faculty to choose the most cost-efficient items – to offer used or rental books or digital options.  Find a book cheaper somewhere else?  The UF Bookstore’s Price Match program has you covered.  Need to return or exchange a book? That’s easy too.

Textbook FAQs

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Textbook Rental
Students have the option to rent their textbooks from the UF Bookstore. Rental books are available in the store and online. Rental books give students the opportunity to save up to 80% off the price of new textbooks. If you decide to keep the rental book, you can notify UF Bookstore and convert the rental to a purchase at any time during the semester
Advance Order Textbooks

As a student you may also Advance Order your books.  This is done in 2 easy steps.

  1. Click on the term that you want to view at ‘My Textbooks’ by logging on to Student Self Service at ONE.UF.

Note: The Bookstore Line of Credit program is also available for students who Advance Order books.

The UF Book Market
When you need to sell your textbooks, use the UF Book Market at bsd.ufl.edu/bookmarket and receive Buyback Alerts from the UF Bookstores where you can receive 50% of your original purchase price.  You can also list them to sell to other students.  The more used books we recycle on our campus, the less of an environmental footprint we make.

For information on textbook requirements for any course visit bsd.ufl.edu/textbooks.