Apply for a GATOR ONE Card

The GATORONE office is located on the mezzanine level of the UF Bookstore & Welcome Center.

We encourage students to apply for their GATORONE Card online.  This is the quickest and fastest way to receive your GATORONE Card. You may choose to pick up your card in person or have it mailed.


Students may apply online by visiting the Business Services portal.

Students may apply for their GATORONE Card in person by bringing a driver’s license or passport to the GATORONE Card office located in the Welcome Center of the Reitz Union.

Photo Requirements:

  • The photo must be a JPEG (.jpg) file with dimensions of at least 480 pixels x 549 pixels (cropped).
  • Photo must be in focus and with appropriate lighting.
  • Photo needs to be solely of the individual with no evidence of others.
  • Photo should not be cropped from group shot.
  • Photos should not include sunglasses, headphones, ear pods, hats, caps, bandannas, face coverings, veils, scarves on the head or other accessories.  However, Hijabs or head coverings for religious purposes are permitted.  If you have questions about these restrictions, please contact the GATORONE office before submitting your photo.
  • Background needs to be solid with no items shown.
  • No hands should be visible.
  • Appropriate facial expressions only: No scowling, sticking out of tongue, puckering lips, etc.
  • Photo must be in color.
Faculty and Staff GATORONE Card

Employees must obtain a Staff and Faculty Authorization form from their department payroll administrator or office manager in order to receive a new or replacement GATORONE Card.

For training guides and FAQs, click here.

New and replacement employee cards are $15.

Spouse/Domestic Partner Cards

Spouse/Domestic Partner Cards – Student, Faculty & Staff:
To obtain a spouse card of a faculty/staff member, both the UF employee and spouse must be present. Prior to visiting the GATORONE office, please submit the required documentation via email to

Married Couples:

  • State-issued photo ID (both people)
  • Marriage certificate

Domestic Partners:
If you do not have a marriage certificate, note that we will need additional documentation demonstrating shared residency and joint financial obligations. You will be asked to present 2 of the following pieces of documentation:

  • Driver’s licenses showing the same address for both parties
  • Joint renter’s or homeowner’s policy
  • Joint mortgage or lease
  • Durable property power of attorney or healthcare power of attorney granted by either party to the other.
  • A will, retirement plan or life insurance policy designating the domestic partner as the primary beneficiary
  • Joint credit or charge card (statements)
  • Joint renter’s or homeowner’s policy
  • Common ownership of an automobile
Retiree Cards

Option 1: To receive a GATORONE Card “Retiree” card prior to your official retirement, you will need a letter from your Department’s HR Personnel, verifying your retirement date.

Option 2: To receive a GATORONE Card “Retiree” card after you have officially applied through UF Human Resources, the customer can call the GATORONE card office to verify their retirement status has posted in the UF Management Directory System. This includes those seeking “Professor Emeritus” status.

Vendors and Other Cards

Please email the GATORONE team at or call 352-392-8343.

For additional information, please email .



UF Bookstore & Welcome Center
1900 Museum Road