Newly Designed GATORONE Card

Please visit this FAQ page for information on the newly designed GATORONE Card


Why do I need a GATORONE Card?
  • Your GATORONE card can be used a number of ways:
    • Official Identification Card for the University of Florida
    • Florida Fresh Dining Meal Plans, Flex
    • Access to Campus Events and Museums
    • UF Bookstore Line of Credit
    • Facility Access*
    • Library Account
    • Vending discount
    • Free Access to RTS (Regional Transit Service)
      *Based on department credentials
How do I load funds to my GATORONE Card account?
Fund can be instantly loaded to the GATORONE using a credit card (no fees) through the GATORONE Card Management Portal.
How do I view my GATORONE Card office balances and transaction details?
Balances and usage history can be viewed through the GATORONE Card Management Portal. You may also use the eAccounts app. (See Instructions for setting up the app.)
I lost my card. How do I deactivate it?
Login to the GATORONE Card Management Portal. Click “Card Services” on the top navigation bar, then choose Deactivate Card. For a replacement card, please visit the Business Services portal. If you should find your card before receiving a replacement card, you can reactivate it through the GATORONE card Management Portal. However, you cannot reactivate an old card if you’ve already received a replacement card.
My parent/spouse wants to deposit money to my account. How can they do a guest deposit?
Guest deposits are available through the GATORONE Card Management Portal. Click, “Make a Guest Deposit” on the home screen, then enter the recipient’s UFL email address and UFID.
Are any discounts offered locally if I present my GATORONE Card to the business owner?
I am graduating/transferring/withdrawing from UF. How do I receive a refund from my accounts?
  • If you are graduating, transferring to another school or withdrawing from UF, you are able to obtain a refund for any of these three accounts. Please submit an online request. There is a $10 fee to receive a refund, or you can donate your remaining balance to the UF President’s Fund.
What is the Gator Bucks account?

Over the summer we upgraded the GATORONE system to provide a better user experience for our students.  This included creating a new stored value account on the GATORONE called “Gator Bucks.”  Funds that you had in the Bookstore Debit and/or Vending accounts were combined into this single Gator Bucks account.  These funds can be used at any of our UF Bookstore locations or at snack/beverage vending machines.  The funds never expire and refund requests are permitted upon separation from the University.

To view your balance or add more funds, or download “Transact eAccounts” from the app store.

Can I move money from my Declining Balance account to my Checking account?
Can I transfer money from my Checking account to one of my other accounts?
I added funds to my account online using a credit card, and I checked my account and saw that the money has not been added yet. What do I do?
  • While most transactions will be reflected in your accounts immediately, there are times when this will not be the case. If the money still has not been added to your account by the next day, email or call our office, and we will work to solve the issue as soon as possible.

For more information please review the GATORONE Card Programs Agreement Terms and Conditions.

If your question is not addressed above or in the GATORONE Card Programs Agreement Terms and Conditions, send an e-mail to along with your UFID.



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