Gator 1 Card

Why do I need a Gator 1 Card?
  • Your Gator 1 Card can be used a number of ways:
    • Official Identification Card for the University of Florida
    • Gator Dining Meal Plans, Flex Bucks
    • Access to Campus Events and Museums
    • UF Bookstore Deferment
    • Link to your optional Wells Fargo Everyday Checking Account
    • Facility Access*
    • Library Account
    • Gator Vending
    • Free Access to RTS (Regional Transit Service)
      *Based on department credentials
Are any discounts offered locally if I present my Gator 1 Card to the business owner?
Will my Gator Vending, Gator Dining Declining Balance, UF Bookstore account balance carry over to the next semester?
  • All account balances will carry over throughout your UF career, with the exception of Flex Bucks, which come with the All Campus Meal Plans.
I am graduating/transferring/withdrawing from UF. How do I receive a refund from my accounts?
  • If you are graduating, transferring to another school or withdrawing from UF, you are able to obtain a refund for any of these three accounts. Please submit an online request. There is a $10 fee to receive a refund, or you can donate your remaining balance to the UF President’s Fund.
How am I able to use my Gator 1 Card as an ATM card?
  • If you have a Wells Fargo Everyday Checking account, you can have this account linked to your Gator 1 Card, so that it can be used as an ATM card. This can be done by visiting the Wells Fargo Banking Center located on the ground level of the Reitz Union. If you choose to open a Wells Fargo Everyday Checking Account outside of Gainesville, make sure to tell banking officials that you are a University of Florida student, and to check on the Wells Fargo Everyday Checking account offered to UF students. Wells Fargo is the only bank that can link your Gator 1 Card with your ATM card.
Can I move money from my Declining Balance account to my Checking account?
  • No. Money on your campus accounts (Vending, Bookstore, Declining Balance) may only be transferred to each other, not to a different Checking account.
Can I transfer money from my Checking account to one of my accounts in Gator 1 Central?
  • No. Money must be loaded through a credit card, echeck or in person.
I find that I don't use the funds in one of my accounts. Can I transfer them into another one that I will use more often?
  • If you would like to transfer the funds from one account to a different account (i.e., Gator Vending to Gator Dining Declining Balance) you will need to visit the Gator 1 Central main office located on the mezzanine level of the UF Bookstore and Welcome Center. Here you can fill out a transfer request form, and the transfer should take place as soon as possible.  Note: Only one fund transfer, at a minimum amount of five ($5) dollars, and maximum amount of two hundred ($200) dollars will be allowed every 120 days between different Gator 1 Card accounts.
I added funds to my account online using a credit card, and I checked my account and saw that the money has not been added yet. What do I do?
  • While most transactions will be reflected in your accounts immediately, there are times when this will not be the case. If the money still has not been added to your account by the next day, email or call our office, and we will work to solve the issue as soon as possible.
What is the Family Member Gator 1 Card?
  • The Gator Too Membership Program is available to family members of UF students. You will receive your Family Member Gator 1 Card during Preview or at the Gator 1 Card offices. Individuals who purchase the $40.00 Annual Gator Too Membership receive exclusive member benefits to both the Gator Parent and Family Association as well as the University of Florida Alumni Association. For more information about benefits, please visit the Gator Parent & Family Association.

For more information please review the Gator 1 Card Programs Agreement Terms and Conditions or the Gator Dining FAQ’s.

If your question is not addressed above or in the Gator 1 Card Programs Agreement Terms and Conditions, send an e-mail to



Gator 1 Card Office
UF Bookstore & Welcome Center
1900 Museum Road