FAQs GATOR ONE Service Fee

UF set to transition to new GATORONE  system.
A new $10 annual fee will support modernization of the system.

GATORONE Service Fee

What is the GATORONE Service Fee?

The University of Florida is transitioning its outdated ID card system to a modern model.   To support the costs of the transition and to sustain future operations, the Board of Trustees approved a $10 annual fee, in accordance with Florida Statute 1009.24(14)(c) and Board of Governor’s Regulation 7.003. This fee will be assessed as $5 for each fall and spring semester.

The new one-card solution will provide better service, and modern features such as an app to load and track funds, contactless payments, and a roadmap to launch digital IDs/mobile credentials by mid-to-late 2023.

Who will pay the GATORONE Service Fee?

All students enrolled in for-credit courses will pay the $5 fee at the beginning of every fall and spring semester. Dual-enrollment students, the UF Online program*, and continuing education students will not be assessed the fee.  These students will pay a one-time, $10 first-time card fee if they choose to have a card.

*Click here to see a list of the degrees offered through UF Online.  Graduate degrees are not offered through UF Online, but rather via distance and online learning.

How do I pay the GATORONE Service Fee?

This fee will be charged to your ONE.UF account.  For a list of payment options, click here.

Is the GATORONE Service Fee eligible for waivers?

No, the fee cannot be waived.

When will the GATORONE Service Fee post to my ONE.UF account for Fall 2022?

The $5 fee will post on September 6, 2022.

I’m a first-time UF student and paid $15 for my first card over the summer. Will that be refunded?

First-time UF students who paid for a new card during Summer 2022 will receive a refund for their initial $15 first card fee.  The refund will post to your ONE.UF account by September 14, 2022.

How much does a new GATORONE card cost?

For first-time UF students, your first GATORONE card will be at no cost.  Replacement cards for all students are $15. 

GATORONE Card Redesign

Will my current GATORONE card still work? Do I need to get a new card?

Your current GATORONE will continue to work for campus services, door access, and RTS, as long as you are enrolled in classes.  You are not required to obtain a new card.

How can I replace my current GATORONE card with the new contactless payment card if I choose to do so?

Once the new card is available later this Fall, students wishing to turn in their current GATORONE card for the upgraded card can obtain a replacement from the GATORONE Card Office at the UF Bookstore and Welcome Center. 

When will I be able to use the contactless payment functionality of the new GATORONE card?

The new card technology will be introduced for students obtaining new or replacement cards during Fall 2022.  Contactless payment functionality at campus locations such as dining, bookstore and vending will be announced when available during the upcoming academic year.

What is a mobile credential? When will it be available to students?

Similar to how you use a smartphone as a payment device, you’ll be able to tap your smartphone at campus locations for GATORONE access or payment.  This will simplify campus activities, and you’ll no longer need to carry a physical card.  The smartphone will also display a digital ID for confirmation of your UF affiliation to ride RTS, verify discounts at off-campus locations, etc.  The mobile credential will be available by mid- to late-2023. 

GATORONE Management

How do I manage my GATORONE accounts?

By using the GATORONE management portal, you can manage your Gator Bucks account, Declining Balance funds or Flex, all from your phone or computer. Simply download the Transact eAccounts app from the app store and log in with your Gatorlink. You can also manage lost/stolen GATORONE cards, set balance alerts, and auto-reload funds.