Financial Resources

Fall 2023 Wells Fargo Financial Literacy Webinars

To better assist students in building a financially successful future, Wells Fargo will hold four webinars about financial education at the beginning of this semester. All are welcome to participate and learn more about personal finances!


9/27  @ 4PM  Financial Health Goals

This section will discuss common financial goals, such as managing expenses, saving, building credit, reducing debt, planning for unexpected expenses, retirement, buying a home, and making large purchases. Additionally, it will cover how to handle life events.

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10/4  @ 4PM    Credit Fundamentals

This section will discuss credit basics, the 2 C’s of Credit, key steps to building credit, improving your credit, getting ready to apply for credit, and credit tools and resources.

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10/11  @ 4PM    Graduating in an Uncertain Economy

This section will discuss three steps to prepare for an uncertain economy, effective time management while job hunting, and essential money basics such as budgeting and credit.

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10/18  @ 4PM   Protecting Yourself from Digital Scams

This section will discuss common online scams such as phishing, employment, dating, charity, and online shopping scams. Additionally, the webinar will provide fraud safety tips to protect your identity, data, accounts, and credit cards while in school and after graduation.

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