Terms and Conditions

By purchasing any of the Residential Meal Plans you are agreeing to participate for both Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 semesters. State tax will be removed from the Flex Bucks account as spent.

All funds and plans purchased for use in Gator Dining Services are for the sole personal use of the account owner or plan holder and are non-transferable. Meals may not be bought or sold and meal plan funds and plans cannot be used as a gift card or gift certificate. Except as otherwise expressly stated in these terms, all Gator Dining Service funds and plans are non-refundable. Both Residential Meal Swipes and Flex Bucks will expire at the end of the 2023 spring academic year.

Grace Periods

A two-week grace period is available at the beginning of each semester during which time you are allowed to switch to a different Residential Meal Plan. Changes to the plan are not allowed outside the grace period window, unless it is due to extenuating circumstances (withdrawal from University, transfer, Fraternity and Sorority Rush).

Meal Plan Redemption Location Details

Unlimited Meal Plans can be redeemed for unlimited swipes (every 45 minutes) at the two residential dining halls: Fresh Food Company and the Food Hall at Gator Corner. For all meal plans that include meal swipes, a meal exchange option is available at select retail locations, one per day.

Flex Bucks

If your account is in good standing at the start of 2023 spring semester, and you are participating in a residential meal plan for the spring semester as agreed, then any unused Flex Bucks remaining from the fall semester will carry forward for your use during the spring semester. Please note that unused Flex Bucks for the spring semester will expire on the last day of 2023 spring exams and will not carry forward to subsequent semesters.

Financial Aid Deferred Payment

You may defer payment of your Residential Meal Plan, Commuter Meal Plan or your Declining Balance Account if the expected amount of your financial aid award is large enough to cover your meal plan PLUS the amount of your tuition, campus housing expenses (if applicable) and any bookstore deferment you may have chosen.

Your Residential Meal Plan will be activated at the beginning of the fall and spring semester without further notification to you. Please note that if for any reason your financial aid does not cover all or part of your activated meal plan, then you are responsible to pay any remaining amount due. The minimum Declining Balance request for Financial Aid Deferred Payment is $500.

Important Dates

For meal plan activation, the fall and spring semesters begin when the residence halls open and end when the residence halls close. Specific dates are to be determined. Dining Halls will be closed for the Thanksgiving holiday, winter holiday, spring break, and other University holidays. Dining location hours are subject to change due to school holidays, inclement weather, and exam schedules.

Meal Plans are Non-Transferable

All Meal Plans are non-transferable. Only the participant may use the allotted meals at the residential dining halls and the secondary locations that allow for cash equivalency. The Flex Bucks portion of the Meal Plan may be used to treat friends to a meal if desired.

*Meal plan components are subject to change. Any changes will be communicated via UF email address to those students who have selected a meal plan